OLAF Urban

  • €299.00

Coming back in summer 2021

Currently out of stock. Please contact us at hello@olaf-scooter.com and we will reach out to you immediately when we have new models. Planned in the next weeks.


  • Instant pedal transformation system from all 4 functionalities,
  • BACKPACK: Ergonomically designed, fully incorporated within the URBAN chassis, and instantly removable backpack; added hidden wheel cover pockets to keep your back clean when worn as backpack,
  • KICK SCOOTER: Wooden deck and flexible curving based steering system,
  • SKATEBOARD: Three large and narrow wheels and high quality bearings,
  • TROLLEY: Long double telescopic handlebar and sturdy chassis, 
  • URBAN PLATFORM: If you are particularly attached to your old backpack/case/purse, you can mount it onto the URBAN platform via a specially developed system,
  • SAFETY: Safe rear wheel brake; large reflective patches guarantee visibility at night.
  • Wooden board is water resistant.


Dimensions: 82 cm (32.3") * 29 cm (11.5") * 20 cm (7.9") 
Dimensions (backpack): 30 cm (11.8") * 20 cm (7.9") * 44 cm (17.3") (height)
Volume (luggage space): 26 L (880 oz) 
Mass (backpack + kick scooter): 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs) 
Mass (backpack): 1.1 kg (2 lbs) 
Max load: 120 kg (264 lbs) 
Telescoping handle: fully extended in scooter mode, measurement from the ground: 105 cm
Wheels: PU based; front: 145 mm (5.7"), rear: 80 mm (3.2")
ABEC 11 bearings


If you want your design/logo/name/quote etc. to appear exactly as you wish, you should send us:
• EPS file (vector file)
• dimensions: 107 mm * 60 mm / 4.2" * 2.4"
• send it to customization@olaf-scooter.com 

Or an easier option; you can just send us your name/nickname/quote etc. and trust our font choice.


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Delivery: we ship once per week by air postal service.
In case of customization, delivery may be delayed for a week.